Islamic revelation started with the command “Read,” signifying the importance of knowledge. IICR focuses on computing-related knowledge without underplaying the role of other types of knowledge. The reason of this choice is that Islamic knowledge has already surpassed that of other civilizations in qualitative arguments and reasoning approaches. However, the computing part, which constitutes the backbone of the modern scientific knowledge, is the part that we feel that it should be reproduced in an Islamic context. Reflections represent a channel for achieving that.

Reflections comprise short articles (2-3 pages, around 500 words), each discussing a specific computing-related point and linking it to an Islamic theme. These points may address, but not limited to, the following:

  • A natural phenomenon that demonstrates the diligent design of the cosmos, the balance among its components, and/or how they are facilitated for the good of mankind. In terms of classification of sciences, such a phenomenon may belong to physics, chemistry, cosmology/astronomy, meteorology, or earth sciences.
  • An engineering application that capitalizes on or emulates physical laws and brings higher efficiency and/or easiness to people’s lives.
  • A biological/medical phenomenon that shows how organisms are well-suited for the purpose of their creation and for their environments. Of special interest is to point out how deviating from the Islamic lifestyle would lead to destructive consequences.
  • A statistical/mathematical analysis that sheds light on the precision in resources allocation within nature or societies. Such studies may also identify the stable configurations in the universe.
  • An economic principle/system that substantiates the Islamic system of ethics and its recommended practices for monetary dealings.
  • A psychological/sociological investigation that uses quantitative techniques to characterize human personalities, in particular their readiness for accepting the truth and their inclinations toward objectivism.

Reflections are not meant to be dry academic expositions. Rather, they should provide thrilling discussions that excite the public and raise their appreciation of the divine care and mercy endowed on humans. Reflections should also be a source of motivation for Muslim youth to embark on scientific careers and later develop genuine technologies that befit the Islamic model of life.

Be among the first few contributors to Reflections. Email your short article to Your article will be reviewed by two specialists in the field to ensure compliance to standards of scientific writing and to give your article a greater impact. It is our commitment to finalize the revision process in two weeks. The author’s final approval of the edited article will be obtained prior to publication.