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⚫ A word of appreciation

⚫ What is SKIL-RSA?

⚫ Motive behind SKIL-RSA development

⚫ SKIL-RSA and Web3

⚫ Features of SKIL-RSA

⚫ Competitive edges of SKIL-RSA

⚫ Targeted users

⚫ Business model

A word of appreciation

SKILIK ROBO ADVISORY SND. BHD. would like to sincrerely thank MBSB Banks's stakeholders for believing in SKIL-RSA and adopting it as their preffered platform for digitizing the bank's Shariah and business content.

In conjunction with the launch of MBSB Bank's SKIL-RSA Tawarruq Customer Module on June 17, 2020, and SKIL-RSA Tawarruq Banker Module on June 9, 2020, many thanks are due to Datuk Seri Ahmad Zaini b. Othman, President and CEO of MBSB Bank, and his wonderful team for their unlimited support during the development of the module.

What is SKIL-RSA?

SKIL RoboShariahAdvisor (SKIL-RSA) is the first expert system for Islamic finance. SKIL-RSA uses innovative artificial intelligence techniques that enable advanced knowledge processing capabilities. SKIL-RSA provides an integrated online educational platform for studying selective topics of Islamic finance in a user-friendly manner. Moreover, SKIL-RSA's users can ask intelligent questions, conduct comparative analysis, explore legal maxims, and consult the automated legal advisor about complex financial scenarios.

With SKIL-RSA, you will find a different approach for classifying knowledge, coherent connections between various aspects of Islamic finance, and a new presentation style. It is hoped, with the mercy of Allah (SWT), that SKIL-RSA will achieve a quality leap in the way Islamic finance is practiced.

SKIL-RSA and Web3

SKIL-RSA is powered with a novel, patent-pending ontology that utilizes a Usul-based model. Initially, the web used to store data using databases that contain gigantic amounts of data and many repeated instances of the same term. Search engines use keywords to extract the desired paragraphs from databases, leading to substantial redundancy. Google search engine, for example, generates many pages of results, which require significant time and effort to locate the desired data. Smart links between semantically related pieces of data are missing in this scheme.

Web3 has been introduced to overcome the above problem by providing semantic links, alongside data, in a machine-processable format. Ontologies have emerged as platforms for semantic representation. SKIL-RSA is powered with a novel, patent-pending ontology, PI 2018701322, that is customized for the unique features of Islamic knowledge.

Features of SKIL-RSA

  • Pinpoint specific issues of Islamic finance in few clicks.

  • Comparative analysis of contracts and financial products.

  • Check compliance with AAOIFI standards and BNM resolutions.

  • Deduction from legal rules generates the cases governed by these rules.

  • Consult the automated legal advisor for complex financial issues.

Competitive edges of SKIL-RSA

  • Semantic search that captures concepts and relationships.

  • Enhanced navigation system with selective browsing for smart browsing of related topics.

  • Robust logical framework, enabling inference of points which are not explicitly stated in the knowledge-base.

  • Hierarchical platform for integrating the sciences of Islamic finance, Usul, and Hadith.

  • Mega knowledge-base (KB) of Islamic finance through the integration of various KBs on different platforms.

SKIL-RSA eliminates the serial notion of knowledge presentation and instead provides selective browsing through the entire semantic network.

Targeted users

  • Officers of Islamic banks seeking to revamp their knowledge of Shariah aspects.

  • Clients of Islamic banks looking for better understanding of financial products.

  • Academicians and students of Islamic finance.

  • Trainees of shariah standards and Islamic auditing.

Business model

Interested banks and educational institutes can gain access to SKIL through a subscription-based model. Authorized users can access SKIL-RSA through the Web. SKIL-RSA can also be included as a built-in app on smart phones and tablets.

If you are interested in SKIL and/or have queries about it, please email Dr Ahmed Mabrouk,

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