Introducing QAIS

⚫ What is QAIS?
⚫ Motive behind QAIS
⚫ Features of QAIS
⚫ Beneficiaries
⚫ Offering modes
⚫ Status

What is QAIS?

QAIS is a Quranic-based Aptitude assessment for Islamic Studies. It can be used for evaluating potential and junior candidates of Islamic studies.

Motive behind QAIS

Aptitude assessments have become widely used in many fields. They are used to evaluate job applicants and candidates of educational programs. On the other hand, educational Islamic institutes still lack standardized aptitude assessment tests tailored for the unique requirements of curricula of Islamic studies.

Features of QAIS

QAIS provides the following indicators:


Offering modes

QAIS can be offered either as:


So far, I have developed the theory of aptitude assessment, accompanied with analysis of respective skills and quantitative approaches for measuring them. I am still working on developing full tests and test desceiptors.

Ahmed Mabrouk
December 2017